Welcome to Bonsai Hawke’s Bay

Bonsai Hawke's Bay Library EventBonsaiHB is a site for all things Bonsai in the Hawke’s Bay including information on the

  • Hawke’s Bay Bonsai Society
  • Local and National Events
  • Bonsai and Beer Evenings (coming soon)
  • Comprehensive Calendar
    • All above events
    • When to:- Collect, Preune, Wire, Sulpt, Feed and Move Your Plants Inside for the Hawke’s Bay weather
  • Blog on all things bonsai (coming soon)
    • The Trees of Hawke’s Bay
    • Collector V Artist
    • Getting Started Young – Workshop for Kids
    • Hosting a Legend – Sam Brierley of Eudai Bonsai
    • 10 Ways to Kill Your Tree
    • L.I.T.I.F.A
  • Glossary of Bonsai Terminology (coming soon)
  • Shop for Pots and Plants (you’ve guest it, coming soon)